Where are Bulova Watches Made


Bulova is an iconic American watch brand, established in 1875. Each piece is crafted with intricate detail and inspected multiple times. All Bulova watches are manufactured around the globe in locations such as Switzerland, Japan, China, and Thailand. The brand has set up centers of excellence in each of these countries, to ensure quality. Furthermore, Bulova has a commitment to watchmaking and craftsmanship, and nurtures relationships with renowned independent watchmakers.

Bulova watches are crafted with advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship. Each watch is designed with high-end features and its own unique story, which stands the test of time. Every timepiece is rooted in luxury and meets the standards set by Joseph Bulova himself.

History of Bulova Watches

Bulova watches? Rich history! Founded late 19th century. Their base moved many times, yet they stayed ahead in the watch industry. This article dives deeper into Bulova watches’ history and where they’re made now. Let’s explore!

Founded in 1875

Joseph Bulova, a Bohemian immigrant to the U.S., established the J. Bulova Company in New York 1875. It began as a jewelry store, but soon specialized in timepieces. It was one of the world’s first watchmakers to make wristwatches for many markets. In 1904, they already made ladies’ wristwatches in Manhattan.

Bulova kept growing and making ever more intricate watches. They opened factories in Switzerland, Germany, England and the U.S. They made watches for private label companies in Europe and North America. In 1923, they introduced their first brand-named watch – “the Bulova Watch” – which set them apart and made them an industry leader.

They developed new technologies like electric tuning forks used with quartz watches. In the 1960s, they released the Accutron tuning fork powered watch. To this day, they make top quality watches with intricate movements near where they were founded – New York City.

Early Years in New York

Joseph Bulova opened his first jewelry store in Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 1875. He was known for precise watches and craftsmanship. In 1911, he had three branch offices. In 1921, the J. Bulova Company was registered as a New York corporation.

In 1923, he made his first wristwatches. People could hear the “Bulova Time Signals” on the radio, with melodic chimes each hour. It was even heard in Edmonton, Canada!

By 1927, the company was making batteries for radios. They had their own retail stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s. Both sold watches worldwide under their own brand names. In 1934, the J. Bulova Company opened an office in London to expand in Europe.

Expansion to Switzerland and Japan

In 1932, the Bulova Watch Company collaborated with Swiss watch makers to create “Bulova Witchcraft” and “Bulova Swiss” movements that changed the watchmaking industry. This enabled Bulova to rival prestigious brands such as Rolex and Omega.

In 1950, after WWII, Bulova opened a production facility in Tokyo, Japan. This allowed them to save on labor costs and make better profits. By 1953, all Bulova watches were made in Tokyo, a major milestone for the brand.

Japan grew to be a top producer of timepieces, giving birth to Japanese watch brands like Seiko and Citizen. Many associate Japanese watches with quartz movement pieces, yet they also produce highly sought-after automatic timepieces, with some of the most advanced technology available.

Where are Bulova Watches Made Today?

Bulova watches are legendary! They’ve been around for ages and feature a wide range of movements. Nowadays, Bulova timepieces are put together in many different countries. Various production lines create watches with quartz and mechanical movements.

Let’s find out where Bulova watches are made nowadays!

Bulova Watches Made in Japan

Bulova watches have been around since 1875. They are now made mostly in Japan. Citizen Watches of Tokyo owns Bulova. Many Bulova watches are made in the same factories as Citizen-branded watches. In 2020, some Bulova models were made in China.

Japanese Bulova watches are known for their craftsmanship and quality. Each watch is waterproof up to 50 meters. The watches use high-tech mechanical movements to guarantee accuracy. Bulova has innovated its design by partnering with digital hardware companies. This has produced collections that look classic, but feature modern tech like Bluetooth apps and fitness tracking.

Most Japanese-made Bulova watches have sapphire crystals. They also have stainless steel cases, with leather or metal watchbands. So customers can choose between classic or contemporary designs. If you want a dress watch or statement piece, you can find it in the Bulova collection from Japan.

Bulova Watches Made in Switzerland

Bulova watches are respected globally. Founded by Joseph Bulova in 1875, New York City, it is now a brand under Citizen Watch Company, a Japanese conglomerate from 1918. Swiss-crafted watches are immaculately made and sparklingly designed. With bands of stainless steel or yellow gold-plating, they are highly sought after.

Bulova watches are made in many countries including China, Hong Kong and Japan for quartz movements. Production plants in Southeast Asia help manufacture Bulova timepieces, with quality assurance to meet Bulova’s standards of accuracy, style and durability. The watches are then packaged and shipped around the globe.

Bulova Watches Made in the USA

Bulova is an iconic American watch company that was founded in 1875. It has been a big part of US watchmaking ever since. Many of their watches are still proudly made in the US today.

The company has a dedicated watch factory in Manhatten Beach, California. This is where their handcrafted timepieces are created. It has a variety of watch-making techniques to make the performance and accuracy of each timepiece better. Each watch is tested over 200 times before it is released for purchase.

The dials and bracelets of every Bulova watch proudly display “Made with Pride In The USA”. Bulova believes that by crafting watches in the US, both customers and employees benefit. Customers get world-class quality watches, while employees get good jobs making products they can be proud of. This dedication is kept alive by their management team. They honour the spirit and craftsmanship of the founder, which has been going on for nearly 150 years.


So, Bulova watches are created in many countries. These are the US, China, Japan, Switzerland, Indonesia and Poland. In each of these nations, Bulova has its own factories. This lets them make watches that are affordable and also of very high quality.

All Bulova watches have a strict quality control system. This makes sure the watches are reliable and accurate. If you buy a watch made in the US or one from abroad, you can be sure it is a product you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are Bulova watches manufactured?

A: Bulova watches are manufactured in facilities located in Switzerland, Japan, Thailand, and the United States.

Q: Does Bulova use Swiss parts in their watches?

A: Yes, Bulova watches feature many parts made in Switzerland, including movements, cases, and dials.

Q: Does Bulova offer watches with mechanical movements?

A: Yes, Bulova offers several models of watches with mechanical movements.